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Billy Pierce for Harris County Tax Assessor & Voter Registrar

Freedom is Contagious! Freeze the Unfair Tax Assessments!

I am Billy Pierce, the Libertarian Party Nominee for Harris County Tax Assessor and Voter Registrar

I'm running because I care about my neighbors. I don't like seeing our government taking advantage of my friends, taking them for granted, and pitting them against each other. As our government becomes more and more partisan, Harris County will benefit from someone not caught up in arguments between Red and Blue, but instead focused on protecting the property and rights of our people.

The Property Tax cannot be assessed objectively or fairly, especially during and after a pandemic. I will call for a freeze on appraisal increases until fair market value can be objectively determined. And while they are frozen, we'll work to reform the whole darn thing.

Austin continues to push Texas counties around, and centralize authority over counties in Texas. Austin doesn't always know what is best for Harris County, and they shouldn't give orders to our county without being challenged.

Taxation is Theft. And, until we can stop people from being taxed, it should be done accurately, fairly, at the minimum amount possible, and with the most representation possible.

“No citizen of this State shall be deprived of life, liberty or property, privileges or immunities, or in any manner disenfranchised, except by due course of the law of the land.” Texas Constitution, Art. 1, Sec. 19.

I support the Libertarian Party of Texas Platform


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