I want to fight the CORRUPT Philadelphia Parking Authority! Send me to Harrisburg for 3 to 4 YEARS — then I’m OUT OF THERE! Is that asking too much? Support your NATIVE SON & Gladiator “Born & Raised” in Southwest & West Philadelphia! Not that guy from SOUTH BRONX, NYC!

TONY'S CORE VALUES Tony is a father, author and fraternity founder. He believes that FAMILY is the very FIRST fraternity. Your FIRST professors are Mom, Dad & Grandparents and your FIRST university is the HOME. In Southwest and West Philly we are PUBLIC SCHOOL people. We are not a PRIVATE school demographic like the current representative. ALL of Tony's elementary, middle and high schools were PUBLIC schools and ALL are here in Southwest and West Philadelphia.

FRIENDS of TONY DPHAX KING CAMPAIGN 80% of PPA's tickets are issued where the poverty rates are high and the people are most vulnerable. The PPA ignores the Philadelphia Code and violates PA State Law. Tony wants to give The People some RELIEF from this ABUSIVE city agency. The People have expressed a DESIRE for this relief.

UPBRINGING & FAMILY LIFE Tony was born at Mercy Douglas Hospital at 50th & Woodland Avenue and raised on the 1200 & 1300 blocks of South 46th Street. Tony's Grandmother “Ms. Florence” was popular on the Woodland Avenue corridor. Tony has a wife & baby daughter named Florence Toni Hipolita King Escobar. While living in the basement of the late Senator Hardy Williams' house, Tony cleaned & canvassed for the late senator during his 6th grade and junior high school years (1980s) which introduced him to the world of public service.

CHILDHOOD STAR, TV & STAGE CREDITS Childhood Star on the hit TV show "Dancin' On Air" (WPHL-17) "Dance Party USA" (Cable TV). JUDGE MATHIS hour (attorney infomercial on CW Philly 57). Caracol TV Interview (South America). Production Assistant: "6221: Prophecy & Tragedy" (MOVE).

EDUCATION All of Tony's education has been PUBLIC. Tony is from the SALT of the EARTH of District 188. His mother grew up in SW Philly & Darby, Pa and Tony grew up in Southwest Philly. Tony is a graduate of West Philadelphia High School and Temple University. At Temple, Tony studied Psychology (minor African-American Studies). Temple & WPHS were major turning points in Tony's life.

BILINGUAL Tony can speak, write and read Spanish & English. In 2021 he successfully completed a Bilingual Interpreter Certificate for the Philadelphia City Commissioners to help voters at the polls. Tony is currently testing to help the courts in Pennsylvania with interpretation services for non-English speakers.

PUBLISHINGS 5 Guest Columns for the Philadelphia Daily News Author: Survival Guide for Single Men: Problems & Solutions Feature-length Screenplay for a Motion Picture

ATHLETE After watching the 1988 Tour de France, Tony fell in love with the dramatic sport of bicycle road racing. Tony finished 9th on the famous Manayunk Wall in 1999.

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Training to break the Guinness Book of World Records in a specific basketball discipline (secret)

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