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CONTRIBUTION REGULATIONS: ​Under Texas law, there are limits on how much you can contribute to a judicial campaign and when you can make a contribution. ​ Contributions can be made to judicial candidates beginning 210 days before the official filing deadline. ​ Contributions cannot be made more than 120 days after the candidate's final contested election in an election year, or, if a candidate has no opponent in any election in an election year, more than 120 days after the primary election. ​ Individuals can contribute no more than $5,000, with no more than $2,500 earmarked for each election (primary, general). The total of all contributions by a person, that person's spouse, and that person's minor children cannot exceed the $5,000 limit. ​ A law firm can contribute no more than $5000. The total amount that the lawyers in a law firm and the law firm can contribute is $30,000. ​ Total contributions from general-purpose political committees, including monetary and in-kind contributions, may not exceed $300,000. ​ Corporations, in general, cannot contribute to campaigns. However, an exception is made for professional corporations, which may contribute as long as the limit for contributions from a single professional corporation is observed.

Political advertising paid for by the Selina Alaniz Campaign, Sharon Hoffman, Treasurer, in compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act.