Marine Veteran | CHP Assistant Chief | Cop Tales Author

Brian Smith for Supervisor 2022, FPPC #: 1441867

Please help contribute, so Brian's campaign can get the word out that a vote for Brian is a vote to promote public safety, protect taxpayers, and honor veterans.

Brian has excelled in mission critical leadership roles; he knows how to make government work for you and not against you.

"I will be honored to serve on the Board of Supervisors and champion Kern County as it feeds and fuels the world. Working together, we have tremendous potential to improve our quality of life, the safety of our communities, and enjoyment of our constitutionally-protected liberties. I would be grateful for your support." -- Brian Smith

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Paid for by Brian Smith for Supervisor 2022, FPPC #: 1441867

Brian believes integrity comes first. He has accepted the voluntary expenditure ceiling under the Kern County Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance. As a result, the maximum contribution per individual or non-PAC business is one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per election. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact