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ARYR Sponsorships

These sponsorships will be used to fund our state convention, hosting responsibilities for the YRNF National Fall Meeting, and our state chapter’s ongoing growth!

The Donald- $1,000.00 1. 4 entries to the Reagan Rockefeller Afterparty 2. Logo on all promotions for afterparty and fall meeting 3. Bonus drink ticket per attendee at afterparty

The Dubya- 3,000.00 1. Everything listed above 2. Unlimited drink bands for all attendees 3. Specialized recognition during afterparty and fall meeting 4. Social media recognition

The Gipper- $5,000.00 1. Unlimited entries + everything listed above 2. Customized sponsorship of your choice, i.e.: band, bar, buffet, photo booth, props 3. Speaking time during afterparty

The Great Emancipator- $7,000 1. Everything listed above 2. Customized engagement time during afterparty AND fall meeting (Your choice of speaking time, videos, personal time with members, etc.)

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