Dear fellow Iowan,

Shortly after I decided to run for State Representative, I had a meeting with my campaign team and set some goals...

One of the most important ones we set was to raise enough money to run a campaign that was loud enough to be heard through the noise of the establishment, two-party political circus - and counter the efforts of the Democrats and Republicans to minimize and marginalize the Liberty movement, and the Libertarian Party in Iowa.

We've had a good showing of support from a few generous people, but still fell $1,875 short of the fundraising goal we set for our first quarter report.

We are now entering our second quarter of the campaign; and we must put up better numbers in our Q2 report if we really want Liberty to make a comeback here in Iowa.

These reports are significant because they become public record, available for anyone and everyone to see; and I want our reports to show the Democrats AND Republicans just how tired Iowans are of Big-Government, high taxes and the constant assault on our property rights and personal freedom.

Right now, I need your help to pull this off. Both the Democrats AND Republicans have begun spending money given to their campaigns by their corporate cronies to do the one thing they can both agree on - silence the voice of the Liberty movement, minimize the Libertarian Party, maintain the status quo and defend the political establishment at any and all costs here in Iowa.

Your contribution of $5, $10, $25 or whatever amount you are comfortable with will help send the message to the lobbyists and career politicians on both sides of the aisle in Des Moines, that Iowans are ready and willing to take back our rights, liberties and State!

Thank you for giving this appeal your full consideration... and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!


Nick Ryan

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