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Simone Aiken

The Fight For Facts

Our politics has become consumed with hatred and spite. Every question, every issue, is abstracted away from the solvable, real-world, problem in front of us to ideological battles against some enemy. Radical politicians - on both sides - spend all their time playing the blame game. They demonize a section of the population, declare them the author of all our woes, then promise that things will magically be better if we can just properly punish those people. Who those people are varies depending on who you talk to. But what is nearly universal is that the proposals to punish them don’t actually address our problems in a meaningful way. Responsible politicians - on both sides - are then savaged by their respective radicals for the sin of not hating those people enough.

I will not run on hatred. I will not run on spite. I will not reject a good idea simply because the other team thought of it and I will not support a bad idea simply because my team thought of it. I will represent my district with integrity while listening to my constituents and seeking evidence-based solutions to our problems.

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