Re-Elect Scott Bahr to Livonia City Council

Thank you for considering a monetary donation to my re-election campaign. Successful campaigns are expensive, requiring a lot of printing and postage to educate voters. Any amount you are able to contribute is greatly appreciated.

My commitment to efficient government would ring hollow if I did not walk the talk with an efficient campaign. I worked hard four years ago to be responsible, accountable, and strategic in maximizing the impact of your donations, and I promise that same commitment in this election. My team will spend what is needed to win while being faithful stewards of the donations you entrust to us.

And once re-elected, I will extend that same focus to preserving Livonia’s tradition of excellent services and low taxes. Your donations fund successful campaigns, and your tax dollars fund successful government. I pray that I can continue to serve in a manner worthy of the trust you have placed in me.

With gratitude,


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