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By making a contribution to Securing Louisiana’s Future PAC, I affirm that:

(i) I have reviewed the requirements in the Disclosure Statement and my contribution is in compliance with those requirements; and

(ii) the name listed above is the name of the person making the contribution as it appears on the bank or credit card account from which the contribution is being made and I am authorized to make the contribution from that account.


Securing Louisiana’s Future PAC (SLF PAC) is an independent expenditure-only political committee that is regulated by the Louisiana Board of Ethics and Supervisory Committee for Campaign Finance Disclosure. It is exempt from federal taxation under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code. SLF PAC’s spending is independent; it does not make contributions to, or coordinate its spending with, any candidates or political parties. SLF PAC may accept unlimited contributions from any source, including individuals, corporations, trade associations, political organizations, and other legal entities, but may not accept contributions from foreign nationals, as defined under La. R.S. § 18:1505.2(M), or persons substantially interested in the gaming industry, as prohibited under La. R.S. § 18:1505.2(L). Contributions from corporations, labor organizations, and trade, business, and professional associations must be authorized in accordance with La. R.S. § 18:1505.2(F). Contributions to SLF PAC are required to be publicly disclosed. SLF PAC must report the name and mailing address of each person who makes a contribution. The IRS does not allow contributions to SLF PAC to be deducted as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Federal Tax ID No. 83-2750304

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