Thomas Mccullagh

Citizens for Mccullagh

As the father of two and a small business owner, I am extremely concerned about the fiscal shape of our State. Flawed leadership has caused our State's debt to spiral out of control. Years of failed policies and irresponsible spending have resulted in tax increases that are totally unacceptable! These unwise tax and spend policies of current office holders are driving working families and their employers from the State. I will fight to make better use of the tax dollars we send to the State by restoring sound fiscal management of all state programs and cutting waste where I find it; these are essential steps to take prior to reducing the tax burden shouldered by working families and the businesses who employ them.

Years of mismanagement by current office holders have left the State pension fund severely under-funded and we are nearing a crisis point! The current Illinois government feels our pensions are a checking account that they can always write checks from and never balance. People work their entire lives and faithfully contribute to their pension fund. At the rate our government has been spending now our State employees will not have the luxury to retire. If we are to succeed as a State, people need to have faith that their retirement accounts and pensions will be safe from the sticky fingers of Illinois politicians.

I have an undying support for all our rights under the Constitution, not the least of which are our rights under the Second Amendment, and I will stand and fight to preserve those rights for every law abiding citizen. I will not bow or capitulate to any sort of socialist demands or communism in any form or in any bill I see.

A vote for me is a vote for a strong Republican watch dog for the tax payers" a faithful" supporter of the Second Amendment, as well as a strong opponent to socialism and communism in any form - NO COMPROMISE!

I will never cease to fight for our families future.

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