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Re-Elect Tom McMahon

Re-Elect for Pompano Beach Commissioner, District 3

Two years ago I took an oath. That oath has been easy to uphold as my passion for Pompano Beach guides me. Before I was in office I attended many meetings and often wondered why things that seemed simple were not done, why projects took so long, why residents were so often upset. There were a lot of why’s. As this was my first term as an elected official I quickly learned about all those “why’s”. Politics.

As I navigated through these politics my beliefs and passion for the City of Pompano Beach have not changed. I ran on a platform of smart development and when that development fits inside our city guidelines have voted for it because I see the possibilities that it will bring. When development did not fit, I voted no (Hidden Harbor Project). I heard the residents and being your voice on the dais, upheld that oath.

In an effort to know what is going on throughout the city I have attended the majority of the advisory board meetings. Not once but continuously. Attending these meetings helped me understand many areas throughout the city and what their wants, needs and concerns are.

-Parks & rec -East CRA -West CRA -Zoning board of appeals -Architectural appearance committee

I have an open door and encourage communication through meetings, emails and phone calls. I have spent more time at city hall than in my own business. I have given this part-time position my full-time attention and look forward to the opportunity to continue to be your voice.

With your continued support #MCMAHONCAN

Questions or concerns please email or call me @ 954-866-0905

YARD SIGN Request Please email me @ or text me @ 954-866-0905

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