Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines how we use your personal information. “Personal information” means names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

E-mail Address

Raise the Money requires your e-mail address when you contribute so that we can e-mail you a receipt. Raise The Money may need to email you in the future to update our terms and conditions. You may unsubscribe by e-mailing

Personal Information Collected by Raise The Money on Behalf of Political Candidates or Committees

When you make a contribution to a candidate or committee we are required by the FEC and state regulatory agencies to collect your name, postal address, occupation, employer, and the amount of your contribution. We, along with the candidate or committee record this information. The candidate or committee is responsible for reporting the contribution to the FEC or state regulatory agency. Each candidate or committee receiving your contribution must include this personal information in their campaign finance reports. Raise The Money provides this information to each candidate and committee for their reporting requirements to the FEC or state regulatory agencies. Campaign finance reports filed with the FEC and applicable state regulatory agencies are publicly reported and available from the FEC and the applicable state regulatory agencies designated to oversee campaigns and elections. Raise The Money does not publicly report your contributions. Political contributions to candidates or committees are not tax deductible.

Credit Card Information

Raise The Money is a payment service provider. We securely transmit your credit card information to Eon payments(our payment processor). We do not provide your credit card information to any third party. We also request your phone number and email address when you contribute if further verification of your credit card information is required.

Third-party Relationships

Raise The Money is a Independent Software Provider. Credit card processing is provided by Raise The Money and is processed by Eon payments. Raise The Money will share your personal data with these and other third parties in connection with the processing of your contributions or other services we offer, as well as with other third parties with whom we have a strategic relationship. Any such third parties shall be required to maintain and use your information in accordance with our privacy policy.


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IP Addresses

Raise the Money records IP addresses. There is no personal information collected in our log files.


Raise The Money does not knowingly solicit or collect personally identifying information from minors under the age of 18.